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funny pillow cases 3 Simple Tips for Sewing Halloween Costumes customized baby gifts
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funny pillow cases 3 Simple Tips for Sewing Halloween Costumes customized baby gifts

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Fall is in the air, and for me that means one thing! It’;s time to make the Halloween costumes! Even though my kids are now “;too old”; for most of the Halloween costumes that I love to sew, I still try to sneak in a bit of Halloween sewing each year. ?. Over the years I’;ve made dozens of costumes, and have 3 Simple Tips for Sewing Halloween costumes to share with you today.

I’;ve been sewing since I was 15 and have been asked many times over the years what types of projects I love to sew. ?Hands downfunny pillow cases, it’;s Halloween costumes. As you can see from this post, I’;m the crazy Halloween lady…; I love the creativity, texture and color that comes with Halloween sewing. ?When my oldest daughter was 18 months old I made her a cat costume for Halloween. It was 2 sizes too big and she could hardly walk in it. We were hysterically laughing all night. ?Ever since then, I’;ve been “;hooked”; on Halloween.

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(Flapper Halloween Costumes)

For a few years when my oldest was a teenager and my younger kids were in elementary school, we even managed to be THAT family that matched all of their Halloween costumes. ?It all started when we planned a trip to Disney World during Fall break. There was this somewhat “;new”; thing called Mickey’;s Not So Scary Halloween party that I had read about online. I saw a few of the photos of people dressed up at the party and we decided to give it a try. That year I made 4 Harry Potter robes, and one Luna skirt. ?We loved the party and decided that we’;d try to go whenever everything worked out. We ended up going 3 times before my oldest left for college and those trips are some of my favorite memories from when my kids were younger. ? Each year we managed to not only “;match”; our costumes, but find costumes that everyone was excited about wearing.

(Get the DIY for the Quidditch Robes HERE)

The Halloween party at Disney World has taken on a life of its own since we first visited almost 10 years ago. I’;m excited to be going back this year, and YES I’;m making us Halloween costumes. Any guesses to our theme? Let me give you a hint, it has a LOT to do with my two Wonderland fabric lines :).

Even though I love sewing Halloween costumes sometimes I do NOT love sewing with Halloween fabric. It’;s weird. I mean how often do you sew with sparkle velour? Or pink leopard? ?I also write for BERNINA’;s WeAllSew site as a part of my job as a BERNINA ambassador. ?Last week I typed up some of my favorite tips and tricks for sewing with Halloween fabric! ?If you’;re accustomed to mostly sewing with quilting cottons, and are planning to sew some Halloween costumes, you’;ll want to check it out!

To get the tips just CLICK HERE to head on over to!

We?are into a New Year – 2012. Can you believe it? And now that many have over-indulged during the holiday season, and our pants are a little bit tighter, planning to serve healthier, homemade meals is at the top of the “TO-DO” list. Whether you’re a busy mom already, or are expecting a baby soon, the goal is to find meals that are healthy, yes, but don’t take hours to prepare. Something that is easy enough that we’ll forgo fast food for the healthier choice … but where do we get the inspiration we need to cook?

This DIY Stenciled Halloween Table Runner first appeared on eighteen25 as a part of their Spooktacular September series. ?If you like this project you may also like these Light up Hanging Witch Hats.?

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