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funny pillow cases Boring Bathroom Be Gone- Fresh Ideas Make For Brilliant Designs pillow covers floral

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The smallest room in the house is actually one of the most important. The bathroom doesn’;t have to be purely functional, it can also be a source of inspiration and an environment that can revive and invigorate your body and mind.

If your bathroom is a bit boring and could do with a makeover, here are some of the latest trends and design ideas to give your smallest room a totally new lease of life.

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Spa at home

There are many of us who look forward to visiting a spa for a day of pampering and the opportunity to soak away our troubles as well as our aches and pains.

Day spas try to provide their customers with a sense of escape and the chance to recharge your batteries. It is these attractive qualities that are motivating many homeowners to replicate that spa experience within the comfort of their own home.

Many bathroom makeovers now feature a whirlpool bath and other ideas that are proving popular with homeowners include a sauna and steam shower combination unit as well as a deep tub bath and powerful shower.

Space and budget might dictate some of your options but the next time you take a trip to your local spa retreat, take a mental note of what you would like to have available to you in your bathroom, so you can create your own spa at home.

Inspirational surroundings

A tiled wall in your bathroom is a practical solution but latest trends show a growing enthusiasm for more inspirational surroundingsfunny pillow cases, so that each time you visit your bathroom you feel uplifted.

There are a number of ways to liven up the main walls of your bathroom and Wall Murals are definitely on trend right now. You could use a beautiful nature scene wall mural that depicts a stunning sunset or a woodland setting to promote a feeling of relaxation or immerse yourself in a skyline or cityscape background if you prefer, and your choices are really only limited by your imagination as you can get either use an available image or upload your own personal favourite.

Another interesting trend that is gaining traction is the creation of a living wall.

When they are done right, a living wall can look simply stunning and creates a real sense of tangible life and a vibrancy to the room that can be very uplifting.

A living wall will need looking after so it needs to be set up by someone who knows what to do so that the plants remain well watered and the soil keeps just the right amount of soil, but for those that have taken the plunge and installed a living wall, many think it was worth the effort.

Make a statement with your shower

Any shower installed in your bathroom will provide water to wash yourself with but a growing trend shows that many homeowners want a lot more than basic functionality.

Quite a few people seem to be splashing their cash on custom-built walk-in showers that provide more of a monsoon than a trickle of water, for an invigorating and ostentatious showering experience.

Take a look at the space that you have available in your bathroom and maybe even decide whether you can make way for a luxurious walk-in shower by getting rid of your bath. The trend is for people to blow their budget on creating the best showering experience they can afford, and most of them seem to think it was money well spent every time they step inside and feel the water pummelling their body.

The natural look

If there is one universal design trend that is popular in every aspect of design right now, it is the use of natural materials.

There is a timeless quality about using natural materials and making a commitment to give your bathroom a makeover using materials like wood, stone, slate and other earthy resources. There are many options available to use natural materials in a way that is appropriate to the style and design of your particular bathroom.

You might want to introduce some beautiful aged beams or use an earthy natural stone look for your flooring. If you live near the coast or simply want to create a coastal feel, you can use some driftwood, rocks and shells, to bring a natural look to your bathroom.

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring and when you see how these latest trends are influencing makeover projects, it is clear that many homeowners agree.

Isabel Heath is in her final year of an Interior Design course. She enjoys sharing her ideas and insights through blogging and her articles mainly appear on homeowner websites.

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