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funny pillow cases Cutting Edge Stencils Presents- A Modern Masters Stenciled Nursery Personality linen pillow covers

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Welcome back, Cutting Edge Stencils, DIY-ers! We have had the privilege of teaming up with the wonderful?Modern Masters to design our very own nursery using their gorgeous metallic paints and our amazing Chinoiserie stencils! We have used Modern Master’;s paints in past projects because of how beautiful they come out and knew that we could not turn down the opportunity to collaborate with them! Using some ideas found from Pinterest 100 trends and some of our own creations, we have come up with this Sage Chinoiserie Stenciled Nursery! Sage is found everywhere in homes, whether its on walls or added in by accent home decor. This room is perfect for a new born with it’;s calming colors and trendy stencil design! We have created 3 separate stenciled projects for this room that anyone can do at home! They are simple and definitely budget friendly! We are so excited to share with you this amazing Modern Masters and Cutting Edge Stencils Nursery. Let’;s start stenciling!

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We began this project starting with the walls, of course! The wall color we chose is Benjamin Moore’;s Spring Valley paint. The sage theme in the room led us to that decision! The stencil we chose for this wall is our gorgeous Chinoiserie Birds and Roses Wall Mural stencil! This Chinoiserie Chic design is based off of Japanese tree peonies, rosesfunny pillow cases,?elderberry and?chrysanthemums. You will love it!

To start, it’;s important that you tape off the baseboards so you don’;t paint over it when stenciling. No mess, no problem! Then, spray the back of the stencil with reposition-able spray adhesive! Because the stencil is so large, we also added some blue painters tape around the edges so we can be sure it will stay in place. We painted the entire stencil first in Navajo White so when we go over it with metallics, it will look more vibrant.

Once the first coat dried we picked out only the roses first and painted it in Benjamin Moore’;s Ben Millennial Pink using a small stencil brush. We then went over the rest of the stencil in Modern Master’;s Pearl White which gives the wall an amazing shine. For the the Pearl white we used a foam roller because we were covering a bigger space.

Finally you can peal back the stencil, and let it dry! We are so happy with how the stenciled wall came out. It was super easy and not to mention- FAST! The metallic paints really add extra dimension to the room! What do you think?

Time to spruce up this old dresser! We decided to create a fantasy faux wood grain using metallic paint for extra pizzaz! We paired it with an amazing bone inlay stencil! First, remove all the knobs from the drawers so they aren’;t in the way for the stenciling process and set them aside for later! For the base coat we used Stix primer to insure proper paint adhesion. We had our Stix primer tinted to a lovely tan color. Then we rolled it over the entire dresser so it’;s one solid color. (You might want to wait a full 24 hours for it to completely dry!)

Next, we added some Faux Effects Faux Creme Glaze to the Modern Masters metallic so they would dry a little slower. It makes the paint easier to blend. Using Modern Masters Snowflake White mixed with the glaze, we painted over the entire surface with a light coat first. Next, we went back and added both MM Tequila Gold and Rose to the dresser. For a more natural look we sporadically placed those paints around the surface shown below.? After, we went back and applied MM Plum paint to create more contrast!

Lightly, squiggle the same brush across the dresser horizontally towards you and then go back in the opposite direction by patting the brush to give it the grainy texture of wood. For the sides of the dressers, you will use the same techniques except vertically for a more natural look. Once the dresser has dried and you are pleased with the outcome of your fantasy faux wood grain, it is finally time to stencil!

Apply some repositionable spray adhesive to the back of the stencil in addition to using some blue painters tape to help hold this large stencil in place. We then added some PIY Chalk Powder to the Modern Masters Snowflake for better opacity! Place the stencil in the middle of the dresser to begin. Using a two inch dense foam roller we painted over the stencil! You can then align the stencil to the left and right with the previously painted areas and continue until the dresser is complete. We will paint the knobs to match!

An optional step would be a final coat or two of a clear water based poly to help protect your stenciled artwork. This dresser is absolutely amazing and matches our wall stencil! Hard work truly pays off!

Now what would a nursery be without a cute gallery wall? We went to Michael’;s and purchased four wooden frames in various sizes as well as their matching canvas boards! There are plenty sizes to choose from! The frame we started with was our E Letter stencil (You can choose any letter for your child’;s name.) We decided to go with the Rabat Letter stencil for this one! The colors we chose were the Modern Masters Rose, a millennial pink, and a sage color to match the rest of the decor. Using 3 separate stencil brushes, we started with the lightest color and sporadically painted over the stencil and blended the colors together by dabbing the brushes! Looks like a tie-dyed painting!

For the Cutting Edge Stencils Deer Head Stencil, we used Spring Valley, the same color we chose for the wall. We then used Modern Masters Pale gold for the antlers! We love how you can see the the shine in this picture!

The last two frames we decided to stencil some cute quotes! We chose, “;Oh, the places you’;ll go”; and “;Little moments, big memories.”; Using the Script Alphabet letters we were able to design some amazing stenciled signs. First, you want to measure out the center of the canvas board by drawing a light line down the middle. When placing the stencil down, you want to begin with the middle letter (unless there are an even amount of letters in the word then you can start on either side of the center line) and place it on the centered line.

Using a small stencil brush you want to dab the paint lightly over the letter. Once it dries you will continue the same process for the other letters working your way out until you have the complete stenciled quotes!

We love how this amazing stenciled Gallery wall came out with the metallic Modern Masters paints!! We placed them right above the dresser to complete the room! Take a look!

Designing and putting together this stenciled Sage Chinoiserie Nursery was so much fun! We are beyond happy with the way everything came out while using these Modern Masters Metallics for our stencils! After all the projects were complete we added some final touches including some pillows for the crib and the cutest little owl on top of the dresser. You can make this nursery perfect for your child by adding your own touch! Here is our stenciled Sage Chinoiserie Nursery final picture:

What do you guys think?! We would love to hear your thoughts so comment below! Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils:

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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