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funny pillow cases DIY (non)Vintage Lace Bowls Part 2 customized gifts for mom
funny pillow cases

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funny pillow cases DIY (non)Vintage Lace Bowls Part 2 customized gifts for mom

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Just because we live in different states (oh how I miss you Jaime) doesn’;t mean we can’;t get our craft-nerd on together. So this week, I made some doilie bowls too. As an experiment, I used All-purpose Elmer’;s Glue instead of the Fabric Stiffener. My husband, Rickfunny pillow cases, says it’;s not an experiment because something about having a “;control”;, blah, blah. Whatever dude, this isn’;t NASA.

So basically, the glue worked well, especially for the small bowl. Very stiff. The large bowl is a little floppy, like a straw hat. Definitely fine as a decoration but I wouldn’;t fill it with anything and probably wouldn’;t gift it. It may have been the glue but it could have also been the large size and thinness/airiness of the doilie to begin with. Or perhaps it was that I couldn’;t stop messing with it. Seriously, they need to dry overnight or even 24 hours. Just leave it alone.

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My doilies were from Jo-Ann Fabric.

1. Gather your supplies. ?A fat quarter would work well. ?I love chevron patters more then anything, a whole bundle from this amazing Paula Prass Summer Soiree line is available here.

Two companies–one east, one west–come together to bring you what we feel to be the coziest side of organic cotton: flannel.

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