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funny pillow cases Handmade Christmas Quilt Along- Progress Report! customized gifts for mom
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funny pillow cases Handmade Christmas Quilt Along- Progress Report! customized gifts for mom

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How’;s your Christmas Crafting coming along? ?Are you guys getting a good start on your handmade Christmas gifts?

I’;m doing okay…;not great but not terrible. I’;ve got a more realistic goal of what I can and can’;t make this year, so hopefully it will all get done!

linen sheets

I just thought I’;d pop in and share an update with my Handmade Christmas Quilt Along Quilts…;

First my son’;s quilt:

I started with 12 each, 2″;funny pillow cases, 3″; &; 4″; strips in random prints.

I sewed together 1 2″;, 3″; &; 4″; strip in random order…; sometimes the 2″; in the middle sometimes on the sides…; I tried to put no more than one black strip per unit (didn’;t want all the black in one part of the quilt).

I then pressed the strips and cut each strip in to 3, ?14″; wide blocks

They will get sewn together like this:

120 6×;6 squares of Sarah Jane &; 30’;s reproduction fabric all cut out.

They will be sewn into 12 rows of 10 squares.


16 yr old daughters quilt:

2 more blocks done, for a total of 4

Now just 8 more to go!

Things are starting to get a bit tricky as these start to come together, my kids keep walking in my sewing room and asking me what I’;m working on (they don’;t read my blog). ?My 16 yr old took a particular interest in the quilt that will be hers- so I guess that’;s a good sign, she will like it…; but I’;m going to have to start hiding my work now.

That’;s all for me this week- I’;m taking a blogging break for the rest of the week- ? I’;ve got pies to bake and shopping to do!


Join me next week for a very special interview series!

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