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funny pillow cases How to Insert a Turn or Twist Lock Closure sofa pillow covers
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funny pillow cases How to Insert a Turn or Twist Lock Closure sofa pillow covers

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The turn or twist lock closure is one of those finishing touches that looks so professional, it fools you into thinking it must be crazy hard to install. We're here to bust that myth wide open. We used this closure on our Ribbon Flap Shoulder Bag with Renaissance Ribbons. Centered within one of the ribbons, this little lock completed the bag with high-end style. Read on to see the easy steps to follow. The trick is to measure one, twice, three times to insure both halves of the closure are perfectly placed.

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This tutorial shows you the basic steps of installation. The other main component is marking. Most patterns will include directions for where and when to place a closure. It is traditionally inserted towards the end of project.?

As mentioned, it is critical to be very careful with your measuring and marking for both halves of the lock. We recommend inserting the base first (the actual turning mechanism)funny pillow cases, then double-checking the placement for the opposite half. Although there can be many uses, this type of lock is most often used to secure a flap on a purse or bag. If the placement is not accurate, the flap will not lay flat. The other reason for extra confirmation is the fact that the second half involves cutting a hole in your finished project! That's kind of a no-turning-back type of step. Measure twice (or thrice), cut once.?

A complete turn lock has six parts: the actual turning mechanism with prongs, one flat bar with several slots, and the unit that creates the hole through which the turning mechanism will fit. This unit is made up of four pieces that will arrive to you assembled: a front finished ring, a back washer type ring and two screws that hold these rings together. Keep track of those screws; they are very tiny.

We've concentrated on the classic gold tone and chrome turn locks for this tutorial. These are the most common and work well on the vast majority of projects, but you can find a variety of other finishes, such as bronze or copper, as well as some different shapes, such as rectangles, hexagons, and more pronounced ovals. These locks are quite intricate little notions, and yet are surprisingly inexpensive. Most of the online and in-store options we looked at ranged from $3 to $6, with a few super-fancy ones in nickel or with more ornate shapes priced from $10 to $15.?

Turn locks are available from a number of souces including these from Tandy Leather, Amazon and?Etsy shops.

Turn locks can be quite heavy, and so are not the right choice for a lightweight project. The layers of fabric into which the lock is being inserted should be substantial on their own. If you're concerned, you can also add one or more squares of a mid-weight fusible interfacing behind each half of the lock to provide extra stability. For our demonstration, we're using Pellon Décor Bond fusible cut into 1?" squares.?

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