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funny pillow cases Interior Design Ideas- Enter the Dragon into Your Kitchen funny cushion covers
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funny pillow cases Interior Design Ideas- Enter the Dragon into Your Kitchen funny cushion covers

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Today we turn our attention to kitchens and what better style to adopt if you love shiny surfaces, high-tech gadgets and designs which call out to be the hub of a home.

For practicalities tiles, wood (or wood laminate) or stone floors are ideal. To take away the coldness an elegant, yet functional kitchen rugs are ideal.

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Tiled walls are a great idea in kitchens as they can so easily be kept cleanfunny pillow cases, while their reflective surfaces embraces the style beautifully. Use a combination of white painted walls with large areas of tiles on the wall above the work surfaces. Extend the tiles to more than the more typical two or three rows to give a more modern look.

Practical and functional are key when selecting kitchen lighting. Rather than fluorescent tubes spot lights are a good alternative and can be directed to make work areas lighter and potentially safer.

Wooden cupboards are a mainstay in Chinese design, however, we mustn't forget that the Chinese love high-tech looks and red, so using red cupboards with a high gloss finish will tick many of this year's interior design trends and provide a stunning kitchen which is practical to work in. Kitchen islands are also big in kitchen design, so if you have the space you should consider installing one. An island will also provide the advantage of friends and family having a place to stand or sit if you add stools to one side, and chat while a meal is being prepared.

In contemporary styles soft metal coloured aluminium kitchen blinds will compliment the high-tech look. They'll also give you an abundance of natural light if you so wish, along with the possibility of restricting harsh sunlight from entering your kitchen and providing total privacy when needed – making them the ideal window dressing for any Chinese themed/styled kitchen.

This is where you can add all of those important finishing touches so that your kitchen reflects not only on shiny surfaces but also your own individuality and personality. Look for accessories which have a Chinese look about them – simple ginger jars make ideal storage jars, terracotta pots and jars will also be in keeping with the theme. Don't forget to include a healthy foliage plant as this will not only bring another splash of natural colour to the room it will also highlight energy and growth.

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So you are going on vacation.

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a red, white and blue themed outdoor party! This year instead of relying on the same flimsy discount store decorations why not try using unique items to make your party stand out.

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