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funny pillow cases Pondering Over Pastels 4- Pastel Blues funny cushion covers

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Pastel blues have a very calming effect on the soul and are often a favourite choice in rooms such as the bedroom or even in a lounge where the mood sought after is one of ultimate tranquillity; not to mention the use of baby blues for baby boy's rooms! Even as a pastel, blue can still be very fresh and crisp – take a look at some of the inspiration below for rooms decorated in pastel blues.

Our first piece of pastel blue décor is used within a classic styled bedroom alongside plenty of crisp white. Begin the room with polished wood flooring to help reflect the light around the room and take a powdery blue to paint the walls and ceiling. The classic styling of this bedroom would be enhanced with beautiful bay windows and special bay window curtain poles which allow for the most elegant of window treatments. Speaking of window treatments, a slightly darker shade of blue as that used on the walls will just help to give more depth and contrast; a shade that can also be used in matching bedding sets and other textiles. If you like the classic look of a blue and white pairing but wish to update it with an on-trend pattern, why not try a paisley print for cushionsfunny pillow cases, upholstered headboard and a valance sheet – paisley has become popular again alongside global style prints.

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Of course, pastel blues and white will work really well with blue and white china plates as wall décor. If you were interested in using pastel blue with another colour, we recommend a trio of pastel blue, a gold or saturated yellow and a warm brown-grey – this is a wonderful palette for using in a contemporary bedroom alongside plenty of white. In terms of decorating styles, pastel blues are often used in country style décor or will compliment the simple lines and furnishings of the Shaker style.

What is particularly beautiful in the bedroom is white bedding sets embroidered with a pastel blue or duck egg blue bedding. In a lounge you might want to use light and airy blues with some warmer neutrals which still offer a relaxing atmosphere but do make the design more cosy. Where a pastel blue is used for the walls, deep-pile small rugs hug the floor and adds instant comfort. Beige or cream are good choices for upholstered sofa and armchairs and whereas a dark wooden coffee table will place a focus to the centre of the room, white pieces of furniture can be used throughout the rest of the room to compliment the light colour palette. Pick up on your pastel blue again with accent textiles and accessories – pretty cushions with floral print, matching eyelet curtains and lampshades for contemporary floor lamps.

So you have purchased a design collection online or purchased a design collection on a CD, and you have it safely tucked inside a folder on your computer.

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