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vintage cushion covers At home this Christmas with Angela Strong accent pillow case baby
vintage cushion covers

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vintage cushion covers At home this Christmas with Angela Strong accent pillow case baby

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With only five days until Christmas, we hear how Angela Strong, her gorgeous son Louis and her husband, are spending this Christmas.

For us, Christmas is about being together and spending time with loved onesvintage cushion covers, what does Christmas mean to you?

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It’s about taking time out from our busy schedules and spending it with my family and being grateful for all our blessings.

With a two year old on the run, what Christmas morning rituals do you have?

Since having our boy, we’ve started a new Christmas tradition where we go away for the Christmas and New Year period, just us three. With my husband so busy throughout the year running his own business and myself now back to full time work, life can get pretty hectic. This time away is for us to reconnect as a family and spend some quality time together. Our morning ritual consists of waking up in our villa and just being in the moment with no obligations, lunches or dinners to rush off to, it’s pure bliss!

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What is one of your favourite memories of Christmas time?

One of my fondest memories at Christmas was the excitement of being asked each year to decorate Grandma’s Christmas tree – wow what an honour I use to think it was to have that special task and be paid a whopping $5 for my efforts!

How are you planning on styling your home this Christmas?

Funny how my fondest memory is of decorating a Christmas tree, yet now the very thought of it seems so overwhelming. It’s such a big commitment deciding on which decorations to choose. It can be such a fine line between fabulous and just over the top glitter fantastic. So until our boy is old enough to understand, and considering we’ll be away from home this year, we don’t need to think about a Christmas tree just yet.

Instead, styling our home is about choosing one or two key pieces that complement our current décor, that are understatedly classy and just add that little bit of magic.

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September- summer is pretty much over, the kids are back to school, that relaxing break by the sea is just a distant memory and dare we mention it… Christmas is just around the corner! Each of these are reason enough to give you sleepless nights so The Sleep Council has pulled together a few handy hints and tips to help you get those desperately needed eight hours! Their new campaign, ‘Sleeptember’, highlights the health benefits of a restful night and provides five simple steps to try and improve your sleep.

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