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vintage cushion covers At home this Christmas with Bek Halliday accent pillow case baby
vintage cushion covers

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vintage cushion covers At home this Christmas with Bek Halliday accent pillow case baby

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In the first of our Christmas series we sit down with Bek Halliday, mother of two, natural born creative and illustrator, to hear how she plans on spending this special day.

For us, Christmas is about being together and spending time with loved onesvintage cushion covers, what doesit mean to you?

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We are the same. For me, Christmas is about being together and being with loved ones. I love to make this time of year extra magical for our two little girls.

What Christmas rituals do you have?

Every year, I like to make some new decorations. This year I made a little garland and some tiny bottles filled with fairy dust with my eldest daughter. They turned out really sweet! We always decorate our tree together as a family and have Christmas carols playing in the background. It’s something we all really look forward to!

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What is one of your favourite memories of Christmas time?

I remember driving around our neighbourhood to see all the fairy lights. It was one of my favourite things to do at Christmas time. It’s one of those times that really feels magical. I love that we have kept the tradition going with our own little family!

How do you update your home for the festive season?

I love a traditional Christmas theme, but when it comes to decorating my home, I like to keep it organically Australian. Think, white, timber and earthy colours mixed with native flora. We live by the ocean, so I am forever gathering driftwood and collecting native plants and fallen branches to bring home. Oh, and fairy lights. There has to be masses of fairy lights!

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Do you fall in love with gorgeous abstract canvas art you see as you scroll through Instagram? I know I do. I follow lots of incredibly talented artists. Because I love color and abstract paintings, that's mostly what I see in my feed. I really thought about buying an original piece for our house not too long ago. And then I looked into the prices and quickly decided that wasn't going to happen. Don't get me wrong, I think they are worthevery penny. And someday, I absolutely will invest in one or more pieces from some of the independent artists I follow. But right now, we are saving to renovate our kitchen, so original artwork just isn't something we want to splurge on right now.

We’re down to the last step of my three-part Silhoucat Quilt-Along, quilting and finishing! This is a really nice way to combine some piecing with an easy appliqué. Make a Silhoucat of your very own! Get started with Part 1 of the quilt-along here, and Part 2 here.?With the quilt top pieced and our appliqué in place, we are ready to quilt!

Be inspired by nature this season to create a home filled with individual style. Bring in the textures and colours that you love most from the great outdoors for a perfect retreat all your own. Mother Nature’s earthy influence on the home this season is evident in colour palettes, natural materials and fibres and a general feeling of calm and tranquillity in the rooms laid out by designers at present.

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