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vintage cushion covers Bookcases & Home Libraries funny cushion covers

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A wall of bookcases or home library makes for a really beautiful feature wall in the home. There is something about the idea of having all those words, lives and historical events all contained in one place that is hugely appealing to most of us. When used as a design tool, there is a richness to a home library, a refined and learned elegance that is really hard to attain in any other way.

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2. Decorative library If you want to show off books that do not hold any intrinsic valuevintage cushion covers, but are simply beautifully crafted, your job is much more straightforward. No need to worry too much about proper storage and security, your major concerns will probably lie with the design of the shelves themselves. Still, try to treat your books as well as you can.

3. Working library The most useful kind of home library, in my humble opinion. Usually, people who need to consult books on a regular basis turn their entire living spaces into libraries which can lead to some unusual and ingenious space finding shelf designs- the best I’ve seen was a bookcase staircase where each riser had been hollowed out to transform it into a shelf.

4. Mixed libraries You can certainly mix the three main library types. Just be sure to separate the books, using separate bookcases for various types of books. You can also have, for instance, a display library next to the dining room and a working library upstairs etc. Some people turn their noses up at the idea of using bookcases or home libraries purely as design tools but I don’t buy into all this snobbery.

My much maligned (in these pages anyway) fiancé currently wants a home library and doesn’t even own a book! I think its great idea for two reasons- firstly my bank balance is breathing a huge sigh of relief as the media we need to cover our walls now costs a few pence and requires lovely days out in thrift stores and quirky little charity shops (unveiling hidden gems such as “The Complete Guide Loving” and “Mod- Fashion for Hip Cats” – now we understand each other AND own Parkas) - a massive improvement on trawling soulless motorway DIY stores for wallpapers with palpitation inducing prices.

Secondly, a full wall of books is a fantastic sound barrier between you and your neighbours and, much as I appreciated my neighbour’s Abba appreciation nights I also fully endorse scientific theories of our need for sleep.

Let’s get outdoors and start crafting some fun projects with the kids, what do you say? The three sisters, Jamie, Jodie and Jennifer, from Eighteen25 are going to get us started with their cookie cutter bird feeders. What I love most about this project is that kids of any age can join in on the fun. If you are looking for more kids crafts check out their yarn baskets and corn syrup paintings. The friendship bracelet kits make a great birthday gift for a special friend.

A few weeks ago I asked you what I should do with these lovely panels of Tammis Keefe Christmas fabric. You had amazing ideas from advent calendars to pillows to artwork. In the end, I made these quick little quilts for the mantle. I’m pretty nostalgic when it comes to Christmas decorations. I put everything out and don’t really have a color theme. I just love seeing all those memorable items year after year. I do appreciate how these panels coordinate with the colors in my living room. That Tammis had great taste!

Shannon from Clad&Cloth is back again with another fantastic tutorial for you. Last week she shared the tasty Homemade Churros Recipe, today she is sharing this cute leather tote. This tote is perfect for a day at the farmer’s market or day at the beach. I have been dying to make this. You can use the excess leather to make a matching Leather iPad Case, Leather Bow Bracelet, or these Leather Baby Shoes.

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