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vintage cushion covers Creative Design Trends for 2018 personalised birthday gifts

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We love being on the right side of the creative process. ?Right where the ideas begin, hearing what our customers are asking for, that they cannot find, watching colors trend up and down, trying new things to see what catches on and helping to translate fashion and color trends into the creative markets.

Here is a little insight into the trends for 2018 we see on the horizon.

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The popularity of t-shirts that speak your mind transitions into wall decor that let’;s you make a statement. ?Simple clean fonts are the most popular, but custom, cute fonts are trending well too. ?The thoughts are positive, but make a statement and are being printed, painted, stenciled or sewn to create amazing wall decor.

Keeping things natural continues to be the name of the game with more emphasis on organic shapes, colors and designs. ?Staining natural and rusty wood with simple stains, a touch of color or leaving them in the natural state and including them in your everyday decor gives just the right balance. ?Natural does not mean that it has to be neutral colors, a touch of color with the natural beauty showing through looks amazing.

We have seen the vintage boho, flea market find, shabby vintage and very rustic vintage become very popular and none of them have lost their footing, pretty much any style vintage continues to trend. ?The idea of pairing these trends with something modernvintage cushion covers, something new, something industrial creates a chic version of vintage that feels new and fresh. ?Vintage becomes synonymous with respect for what once was and placing the object(s) on display surrounded by things you love gives them the respect they deserve. ?Buying everything brand new does not have the same warmth and depth of a space filled with a combination of old and new, we are not sure we see this trend ending any time soon.

Shopping as we know it is changing by the second, yes the internet is where it is at, but there is more to it than that. ?Consumers are going out of their way to shop online and in their local boutiques for something that is unique, has a one of a kind feel and looks handmade. ?A “;find”; like this is much more interesting to talk about and share, then purchasing a manufactured item from a box store. ?At one time we longed for what Target would have on the shelves that was cool and trendy, but today we are seeking items found at local shops, on Etsy and in online shops. ?The interesting part is the prices are very reasonable and the quality is superb. ?Boutique brands are popping up everywhere due to the demand for such goods and moving from their homes to small businesses to fulfill order and to continue to build their brands. ?This trend of boutique manufacturers is just beginning, with single operator Etsy shops and individually owned businesses expanding to offer a a broader range of products.

Maybe it is politics, maybe it is our love for something unique, new and fresh, but locating items that were made close to home is taking hold. ?For many years it has been a manufacturing push to bring jobs to the USA, but this trend is not quite the same. ?Made in the USA stands for something much more unique, better quality, good prices and instant delivery. ?We see the days of buying a standard pillow produced somewhere across the water, transforming to pillows and decor items that are unique and in many custom made with a family name, initial or logo. ?Technology has made it possible with new ways to design and manufacture this items one at a time and at the same time fast enough to keep up with demand. ?Boutique brands are seeking surfaces that are affordable, high quality and readily available. ?Supporting this trend gives you not only the satisfaction of buying some thing unique that you were drawn to, but it also helps to build the economy and give back.

Did it every go away, not in clothing, we are pretty sure black should hit the top of the trends every year as it never goes out of style and with new shapes and designs it always seems to look new. ?Black however has not always been a trend outside of clothing, but we see that changing. ?Natural canvas has been so popular for a long time and we don’;t see that changing any time soon, but we do see a trend of black surfaces for 2018 such as pillows, banners, table top decor and more. ?Paired with something organic, vintage or unique to soften the sharp color contrast, the black stands out like a winner for 2018.

Geometric, colorful, simple lines and youthful art have been popular for some time now, which was spurred but the trend in planners, agendas and bible journaling. ?We see a need for pretty things, watercolor, softer tones, unique textures and a feeling of handmade. ?Computer generated art comes and goes and so does the trend of hand drawn and painted art. ?Just as trends move from clean lines to organic so does the need for handmade art to come and go, we see handmade writing, painting, drawing and personalizing on the rise and look forward to seeing what is beautiful in our eyes.

Oops did we say junk is trendy, well we hate to say it guys, but it is true. ?When it comes to arts &; crafts, junk is all the rage. ?Some take to to the extreme with art pieces that are created with nothing but garbage, but others embrace the look creating artwork, books and journals that are free flowing, use recycled products, found objects, items from the stash and are created with no rules. ?Unlike conventional creative projects and home decor projects, where everything matches just right and each object is in a special place, creating, designing and decorating with junk is a fun trend that has people talking. ?Junk Journal groups are popping up all over the web and are growing by leaps and bounds, Junk’;n Flea Market shows are showing up in barns and old warehouses all over the world and handmade items both new and old support this trend as much of the art includes found items or media that is mixed.

Some of the trends we see going away include child-like characters and motifs from unicorns to squirrels and these are being replaced with icons that make a simple statement, are much more subtle and realistic. ?Along with simple sayings, adding simple icons with them is all the rage. ?Leaves, trees, hand-drawn hearts, coffee cups, flowers, simple pet art, vintage classic art and lifestyle art accent these sayings or stand on their own with little or no words needed.

What is a trend truly, something we strive to follow or something we strive to stay away from and become our own person? Today’;s trends are really about what people are drawn to, why they are drawn to them and how they make us feel. ?Gone are the days when people are wearing mustard yellow because it is on trend, they are wearing colors they love or trying a new color because it looks great. ?What is old tends to be new again and old and new trends continue to repeat themselves or try to repeat themselves with great flops along the way.We look at trends more in the way we see things trending, what is truly happening and love to dig into why they are happening. ?As the retail market changes rapidly everyone is trying desperately to figure it out and find their way, hoping to find the next hot thing or jump on a trend. ?The movement of boutique businesses and handmade allows the consumer and the smaller manufacturer to be steps ahead of the large, big box businesses who have grown so much they cannot keep up with what the customers want. ?They are much better to focus on the basics, the things that no longer have a trend, but are commodity items we need everyday and let the trend setting and uniqueness fall in the hands of fashion, home decor and craft designers who are willing to take a risk and now are able to bring the goods directly to the consumer at affordable prices, with personal service and they leave us with a good feeling.

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