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vintage cushion covers DIY “Olive You” Stenciled Shirt (…for Valentine’s Day!) pillow case baby
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vintage cushion covers DIY “Olive You” Stenciled Shirt (…for Valentine’s Day!) pillow case baby

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Yep, still squeezing in Valentine’;s attire over here…;..because now I’;m just having too much fun with it!? I wasn’;t sure if I would have time or not to make Oliver something for V-day but someone mentioned in a comment or an email (I can’;t remember, sorry!) from Chloe’;s “;LOVE”; Shirt tutorial, that one of those “;Olive You”; puns would be perfect for Oliver’;s V-day shirt.?

accent pillow case baby canvas living room deco

I was sold.? Because you know, Olive and Oliver.? That’;s some good material right there.? It’;s meant to be! :)

So I skipped finishing Elli’;s outfit and whipped up a little onesie for Oliver.?

Ha!? What’;s cuter than 2 little green olive’;svintage cushion covers, obviously smitten with one another.? Because, hello?!? Even their little pimentos are in love!

This would be darling on an adult shirt too.? Or a tote bag.? Or throw pillow.? Or as framed art.? But don’;t even think about just wearing this for Valentine’;s day…;…;.it’;s hilarious all year round!!!

And yes, it’;s still chilly in Colorado, so I’;ll be adding some pants to those squishy legs.?

***Any guesses on who’;s teething? ;)

But it’;s the perfect, yet really simple little onesie for Valentine’;s Day (or any other day of the year)!

Such fun, this one.? I’;m kind of in love with how it turned out.? And can’;t wait to keep putting it on Mr Oliver for a couple more months (because this kid keeps growing…;ack!).

Want to add an “;Olive You”; stencil to something?? Anything?

Okay, well then let’;s go…;…;


***Just so you know, this entire process is just like the LOVE Shirt tutorial that I shared a couple days ago.? Reference it for extra pictures and explanations that are left out below.

First of all, use the template above (or create your own) and trace it onto your freezer paper.? (I used elongated zeros as the shape for my olives.? You don’;t need to cut out the middle of the zeros.)

Iron the freezer paper (glossy side down) onto your shirt (or whatever else you’;re creating).? Be sure to add the center of the O’;s back in so that when you paint the words, the O’;s will have the centers covered.? Then, paint your olives with a green color.? (I mixed my bright green fabric paint with a dot of black, and it turned out great.)? Fill in your letters with black paint.

Then, before it dries, peel back the freezer paper very carefully.

Use a toothpick to add little pimento hearts at the top of each olive.

Then, using a new toothpick, draw some simple eyes and smile on each olive so that they’;re sort of looking at each other.

Let the paint dry completely (or use a hairdryer to speed up the process) and then place a thin piece of fabric down over the paint and use a hot iron to heat seal the paint.? That’;s it!! :)



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