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vintage cushion covers Handmade Christmas Quilt Along- Cutting Part 2 customized gifts for mom

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I was going to post about the Quilt Along on Wednesday this week, but I got the post written early and decided to go ahead and post it today instead. ?This week is our Fall Break and I won’;t be at the computer much—; If you want, you can stalk me on my facebook page, I’;ll be updating that this week—;if you have questions about the Quilt Along, leave them as comments in this post and I’;ll answer them all next week in a FAQ Post…;

Today I’;m going to talk about part 2 of cutting out your quilt for the Handmade Christmas Quilt Along. If your new herevintage cushion covers, here’;s the scoop.

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I’;m making a snugly lap quilt for each of my kids for Christmas this year. (I have 3 kids) To keep me on track (and to hopefully avoid a late December rush) I’;m blogging about my progress on the quilts and inviting anyone that would like to play along. ? The goal of this Quilt Along is to make a Quilt for someone you love this Christmas (or other Winter Holiday). You don’;t need to follow my steps. But if you want to, I’;m showing how to make each of my 3 quilts. ?If you’;ve already got a project your working on then jump in! Or feel free to do the same thing I am doing here-

Just a note, these are snugly drag around quilts, not show pieces—;- I’;ve designed them mostly based on the fabric…; (i.e. it reminds me of my kids)…; think of them as giant I Spy quilts.

So now, on to my son’;s quilt.

I started with this stack of fabric:

You can see from the sketch above how I started. I figured the size I wanted the finished quilt (just smaller than ?of 2 yrs of 60″; wide fabric). ?Next I decided how may rows I wanted (4). Then I figured out how wide I wanted each row to be (in this case I guess they are columns since they run up and down, ?but I’;m calling them rows). ? I decided on 14″; wide, since this will allow me 3 cuts per 42″; of fabric (42/3 = 14).

I decided to stagger the sizes of the strips, I went with 2″;, 3″; &; 4″;. Since you lose 1/2″; in seam allowance, I ended up with 1.5″;, 2.5″; &; 3.5″; strips (after they are sewn). Assuming an equal number of each size of strips in each row, that told me that I needed 36 of each size strip in each row. ?Since I can get 3 strips per 42″; cut- I need to cut 12 EACH of my 3 sizes of strips.

I did not cut all of the same fabric all the same size. For example, in the cars print you see below, I cut 4″; strips and 2″; strips…; just to mix it up.

I am NOT going to cut them down to 14″; yet- I’;m going to make cheater blocks—; i.e. sew several 42″; wide pieces together lengthwise then cut them down to 14″; wide…;. (if you are lost, don’;t worry, I’;ll show you about this when we get to the piecing posts).

I cut my strips and separated them in piles. I cut extras of the 2″; strips because they will be helpful to if one of my rows is too short–;

To sum up, if you are making this quilt you will need:of various prints:12 strips 2″; x 42″; (or the width of your fabric)12 strips 3″; x 42″;12 strips 4″; x 42″;2 yards 60″; wide fabric for backing

Just a little tip: I like to keep my projects together in bins. I put all of my cut pieces back in the bin along with the sketch I did.

Next time I’;ll talk about how I’;m making my 3rd quilt—; it’;s a bit more involved than the other two.

So—; keep cutting!! We’;ll start piecing in November!

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