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vintage cushion covers Lens cap cozy two ways customized gifts for mom

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Something has been driving me crazy, ?and this week I decided that I could fix it. ? When I take photos I never know what to do with my lens cap. ?I put it in my pocket, or the camera bag, or just put it on the table…; with the end result being that I never put the lens cap BACK on my camera.

A few days ago I got the idea to make a little pouch to attach to my camera strap to hold my lens cap ?when I am shooting.

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I made 2- I like both, you can make whichever one works best for you.

Lens Cap Cozy One measures about 3.5″; x 3.5″; and closes using a magnetic snap. ?The snap works great but was a bit hard to sew aroundvintage cushion covers, it turned out to be a bit small for my largest lens cap because of the snap.

Lens Cap Cozy Two is a bit larger at about 3.5″; x 4″; and closes using an elastic. ?It’;s larger size makes it easier to use with the lens cap to my biggest lenses, ?and the elastic is a snap to put in.

The cozy just clips on my camera strap. It’;s small enough that it stays out of the way when I shoot.

Here’;s how I made it:

First I’;ll share how to make the one that closes with the magnetic snap, then I’;ll let you know what to change to make the one that closes with elastic.

You need:

4 pieces of fabric 4″; x 4″; (cut them 4″; x 4.5″; for the elastic version)piece of ribbonhookmagnetic snapif making the elastic closure you need 1/4″; elastic instead of the magnetic snap.

All seams are 1/4″;

Feed the hook through the piece of ribbon. ?Sew with hook facing in, into the seam of the cozy. ?You will sew 2 pieces right sides together around 3 sides, leaving the top open.

Stitch the 2 pieces for the lining together the same way.

Attach magnetic snap to the top of the lining pieces. ?Use a piece of plastic canvas under the snap to reinforce it. ?Attach the snap approx. 1/2″; down from the top of the lining.

Turn lining piece right side out.

Slip lining piece into cozy outer piece, right sides together. Stitch along top seam, leaving an opening to turn the cozy right side out.

Turn right side out and press. ? Hand stitch opening closed.

To make the elastic cozy:

Cut your pieces to 4″; wide by 4.5″; tall, instead of 4″; x 4″;.

Stitch the outer piece together the same way as shown above.

When stitching the lining, leave an opening in the side seam of the lining at the same measurement that you placed the ribbon on the outside piece- for example, if your ribbon was placed on the outer piece 1/2″; down, then leave an opening (1/2″; wide) 1/2″; down from the top of the lining.

Attach front and lining pieces together the same as above.

After you turn the cozy right side out, ?stitch along the top edge of the cozy.

Stitch again, just below the opening you left in the lining piece. These 2 stitching lines will form the casing for the elastic.

Feed elastic through the casing you just made.

Pull elastic so that it is tight but you can still slip a lens cap inside. ?Stitch elastic ends closed, and feed back into cozy.

Hand stitch opening closed.

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